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NYCFC Plays Two in LA, Mikey Lopez Returns to Texas, and Jon Agrees With What He Says / Ep 153 / Blue City Radio

Episode 153:

As luck would have it Mike, Jon and J.R. would kick off the show with a hot topic and before the show could be posted, NYCFC would announce an update to the story negating Jon’s comments and changing the narrative.  We honestly can’t complain, we are pleased that they heard the criticism and make the necessary arrangements.

In the second segment San Antonio FC midfielder Mikey Lopez joins the show.  Together with the guys they talk a little Legend Mentoring, Texas geography and social media superstars.  Mikey also shares his feelings on returning to Texas and the chance to be reunited with old friends.

The guys wrap up the show discussing the game versus LA Galaxy and the positive impact of the NYCFC Academy players on the preseason camp.

NYCFC Roster Depth, Ian Joy, Girls’ Academy and Predictions / Ep 107 / Blue City Radio

Episode 107:

Mike and Jon discuss the final preseason game for the 2017 season.  It was an important game because NYCFC debuted three players for the game.  The guys close out the first segment with their thoughts on where players sit on the Depth Chart; who starts, who’s competing, who’s not even close? It’s all there.

The second segment features one of NYCFC’s newest podcasters, Ian Joy.  Ian gives his impressions on what this team is capable of achieving if the pieces fit together.  He also talks about his new project, Soccer Joy NYCFC.

The show ends with a talk about the news that NYCFC is adding a Girls’ Academy program this year and some 2017 first team predictions.

Welcome To the Diskerud Show / Ep 102 / Blue City Radio

Episode 102:

NYCFC released the roster of players attending pre-season training in Jacksonville, FL.  Two players not on the list, Mix Diskerud and Josh Saunders.  Both players who are very much foundational pieces of the club’s history were unceremoniously not invited to the team’s training camp.

Jon and Mike talk about the rest of the roster including NYCFC Academy player James Sands, the first academy player to attend a first team camp.

In the second segment, Chris Magalee from NYCFC Nation joins the show to continue the conversation.