Episode 51: The Last Conversation of the Year with Martin Bihl

Ep 51:

For the first time, Blue City Radio records live from Ryan’s Daughter.   Mike and guest, Martin Bihl settle in to the upstairs at Ryan’s Daughter while Jon enjoys a Pumpkin Spritzer and calls in from home.

There’s a recap of Puerto Rico friendly and then a lively discussion on the inaugural season of NYCFC and some looks ahead at 2016.

Episode 50: MLS Cup, Blue York One, FTFF Rants and Roster Moves

Ep 50:

This week’s episode has a little bit of everything.  Jon and Mike recap the crazy MLS Cup Final.  We invite Avid Reyes to the pod to discuss his new project, Blue York One.  Then we have Steven Korowitz, host of From the Factory Floor, as a guest to discuss NYCFC, growing pains of the supporters’ groups and soccer in general.  We wrap the show with our first real conversation about the NYCFC 2016 roster.

Episode 49: Final Finishes in Conference Finals and an “Outsider’s” Opinion of NYCFC

Ep 49:

Just a couple of more episodes left in the year.  Blue City Radio discuss the MLS Conference Finals.  Then they welcome writer, Dave Harris to the show to give his perspective on NYCFC and finding talent in the New York area.  Lastly, its up to the listeners to help Jon and Mike find a wager for Sunday’s MLS Cup.