16.67% Effort / Ep 85 / Blue City Radio

Episode 85

Patrick Vieira said he felt like his team played well for 15 minutes of the match on Sunday versus Orlando.  So fans should not be surprised by the 2-1 loss.  Mike and Jon discuss the key plans of the game in the first segment.

In the second segment Ryan Keefer from Fillibuster, the DC United podcast joins us to breakdown DC’s resurgence.  The new additions and dropping of dead weight has proven to be successful, he tells us why as we preview NYCvDC

Next up, Mark Kastner from Total MLS joins the show to give us his outsider’s view of NYCFC and a broader look at MLS as we enter the final stages of the 2016 campaign.

It’s a long show, but with the Thursday game we give you a little for today and a little for later on.

Jill Loyden Talks Sky Blue FC and NWSL / Blue City Radio

This is a special episode of Blue City Radio.  Mike is joined by Tom Slater from Empire of Soccer.  Together the two discuss the Sky Blue season and what it will take to make it into the last playoff spot of the NWSL Playoffs.  Jill Loyden takes a break from her duties as Goal Keeper Coach to give us her insider’s perspective on Sky Blue, the progress of NWSL and what it means to give young players a chance to develop their game.

Hope you enjoy this brief look at Sky Blue FC.

Any Which Way You Can / Ep 84 / Blue City Radio

Episode 84

NYCFC didn’t do it pretty, they needed the help of the AR, but in the end, they got the result, the three points and they remain top of the Eastern Conference with only eight more games left in their season.

Mike and Jon take a look at this wild affair.  There’s a somber but important start, but then analysis on the keys to the game.

In the middle segment, Matt Reed from NBC Sports and Pro Soccer Talk joins the show to breakdown the Eastern Conference and give his perspective on NYCFC.

There’s still more drama left in this season for sure, but as of now, NYCFC still control their destiny.

Late Doom in Columbus / Ep 83 / Blue City Radio

Episode 83

It was so MLS, that’s the way Jon Sauerschell explained Saturday’s match for NYCFC.  There were calls, no-calls, PK’s and stoppage time stunners.  In the end, the Pigeons left town with a point in their pocket unsure if that’s what they earned, if they were robbed or if they stole it.

Still sitting in first place in the east, NYCFC awaits the LA Galaxy.  The guys talk with Co-host and Producer of Corner of the Galaxy, Josh Guesman as he adds his insight on a team that has only lost three times all season.

The shop (even though it feels like it will never end) closes with a chat about the Olympics and the elimination of the USWNT from the games.


Nothing To See Here, All Is Well / Ep 82 / Blue City Radio

Episode 82

Let’s face it, Jon and Mike were not eager to discuss Friday’s draw versus San Jose.  Aside from the Wondo misses, the Chanot block and teary-eyed Jason Hernandez there was little else to detail.

We edited out a full segment “… and another turn over” comments and the show still ran 85 minutes.

So the episode starts in a different way.  Blue City Radio welcomes someone with one of the coolest jobs in New York, Sonya Kondratenko (aka Sonya Karate) from Kick joins the show.  Together they discuss the growth of soccer in the city, touch on the MLS east and the Mix Effect.

The show wraps with a preview of #CLBvNYC.

Spoiler Alert: Mike thinks Giovinco wins MVP and Jon fears Columbus gets their first win in 10 games

Tommy Doesn’t Like Timmy / Ep 81 / Blue City Radio

Episode 81:

It’s been a long time since I enjoyed being so wet from standing in the rain.  Yankee Stadium was raucous on Saturday afternoon during the 5-1 win over the Colorado Rapids.  In this episode Jon and I breakdown the game, the goals, and the drama.

In the second segment Phil Leyva from “Quakes After 90” joins us to give us the keys to watch for in Friday’s matchup in San Jose.

We also introduce a new feature.  We are trying out a new app called Pundit.  Pundit allows followers to share voice messages with each other, think of it as a verbal twitter.  So the other voices you hear are yours.