#NYisBlue / Ep 124 / Blue City Radio

Episode 124:

The key to this weekend was not that NYCFC beat the Red Bulls in Harrison on Saturday.  The key was that Patrick Vieira is getting better as a coach.  That was the unknown that still needs to be proven.  Vieira made a big step in that direction.

Jon and Mike break down the game. In the second segment, Joe Tolleson from YES Network and Sirius XM joins the show to give his thoughts on NYCFC at the midseason point.

The show closes with a look at your comments and questions.

Responding to Critics / Ep 123 / Blue City Radio

Episode 123:

MLS held it’s annual Rivalry Week Media event in New York City yesterday and they invited some friends from across the river to join the party.  Obviously the focus of the event was Saturday’s Hudson River Derby but with the recent US Open Cup match and both teams playing league games over the weekend, there was a lot to cover.

Jon Sauerschell was not available for the full episode, but he does make two cameo appearances so Mike welcomed Trey Fillmore of Blue Balls Podcast to the show.  The two discuss NYCFC’s most recent games and the upcoming match all while overlooking the concourse of the Grand Hyatt as NBA hopefuls arrive for this week’s NBA Draft.  It was all quite surreal.

USMNT WCQ, US Open Cup and MLS Cup Champions / EP 122 / Blue City Radio

Episode 122:

This is in relative terms a quick episode of Blue City Radio.  Mike and Jon discuss the two most recent games for the US Men’s National Team.  Then they look ahead at NYCFC playing two matches again, the US Open Cup game Wednesday against Red Bull and the Saturday game at reigning MLS Cup Champions, the Seattle Sounders.

One Plus Three Equals Four, Mike Allen and Another Reason to Despise Red Bulls / Ep 121 / Blue City Radio

Episode 121:

Another hectic week for NYCFC ends with the team dropping points in the midweek fixture but bouncing back at the end to gain three, both games against Division opponents.

Mike and Jon look into what worked, what didn’t and why NYCFC welcomes another International break to rest tired legs.

In the middle segment Mike Allen from Prost Amerika and Blue York One joins the show to share his thoughts on NYCFC.